5 Things To Do Before Buying A Phone In Nigeria.

Before buying a phone

Before buying a phone, there are certain things you should consider which will go a long way in ensuring you get the right phone.

This factors are so important that if you don’t consider them before buying a phone, you may end up regretting the phone you buy.

Though there are many things you need to know, but due to time constraints, only the most important factors will be listed here for you.

Hence, before buying a phone, you need to keep the following factors in mind as it will result in you getting the phone which will serve you best.


Phone Storage

This is an important factor you need to consider before buying a phone.

Depending on why you need a phone apart from it’s primary functions, you may consider going for a phone with low, medium or high memory storage.

Take for instance, the main reason you may need a phone might just be for it’s primary functions which is to make calls and send messages.

In that case, you may consider going for phones with low memory storage.

But if you intend taking photos, chatting, listening to music or watching movies, you may consider going for phones with medium memory storage.

Also there are cases you may consider going for phones with high memory storage.

If you are a phone fanatic i.e. a heavy user who loves playing games, blogging, designing and filming with phones; then a high memory storage phone will suit.

One thing you should note here is that it makes no sense buying a phone with low or medium memory storage if you are a heavy user.

The reason is that it might be prone to hanging hence inconveniencing you during usage.

If the price is a problem, you may consider going for the fairly used version of the phone.

Also phones with high memory storage tend to have a higher RAM, higher processor and a later operating system.

Hence, you must as well consider this factor as it will go a long way in ensuring you get the right phone for you.


Phone Durability

Then there comes the durability factor which will enable you know how durable a phone is.

Phones that are very durable tend to come at a much higher price.

Hence if you are prone to dropping your phone, we recommend you buy a metallic phone i.e. a phone with metal coatings.

Most of these durable phones tend to sustain drops from two to three feets due to the materials they use in making them.

They also tend to stand the test of time.

And hardly does the user replace them unless he or she desires having another phone.

If you work in factories, ports or other places where they do heavy work, it’s important you purchase a phone which is very durable.

The reason is they do mostly heavy work in such areas.

Hence, the phone might come in contact with heat and other non-essential elements which may reduce the life span of the phone if appropriate care is not taken.

Hence, before buying a phone, it is highly recommended you know how durable the phone is.

Apple iPhone tend to be one of the most durable phones around the world, hence you may consider buying it if you can afford it.

Just know the more durable a phone is, the better experience you get to enjoy while using the phone.

Hence, consider conducting a durability analysis before buying a phone.

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Phone Size

Phones comes in various shapes and sizes.

It is important in knowing the weight of a phone i.e. how heavy it is.

Hence, if you are one who is always on the go, you might consider going for a portable phone.

Though one thing you should note is that portable phones usually have a lower display size.

Then there are phones which are foldable enabling you to have a wider display screen while still portable to carry around such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

If you are one who is always travelling or moving around, it is recommended you get a portable phone that can easily fit in your pockets.

Though, if you are one who is always indoors, then size doesn’t matter since you would be making the most use of the phone indoors.

Hence, before buying a phone, you need to be comfortable carrying the phone around.

Though, due to changes in technology, phone manufacturers try as much as possible in reducing the weight of phones produced while still producing them in various screen sizes.

Size has a lot to play before buying a phone.

A small sized phone can be operated with just one hand.

Whereas a large sized phone will require both hands.

If you are a heavy gamer or you love taking podcasts, it is recommended you buy a large-sized phone so as to experience a better display.

For business people who are prone to travel from business meeting to another, buying a lightweight or portable phone will be recommended for you.

A portable phone will be recommended for business people as they can easily carry it to their various work place seamlessly.


Phone Features

One thing that makes a phone interesting are it’s features.

Hence, the more features a phone has, the better you get to enjoy the phone.

Thus, this is one factor you sparingly need to consider before buying a phone.

With the increasing demands in technology, phone manufacturers have been able to produce phones that charge wirelessly and are resistant to water i.e. water-proof.

While this might not be a necessity, having a phone that can boast of such features is sure to keep you steady in the long run.

Also with demands to greater network connectivity, 5G phones are being produced by phone manufacturers to meet up with the increasing needs in technology.

Now, the fact may be that you might not need a phone that has 5G connectivity.

But if you stay in remote areas or areas where network connectivity is usually low, buying a phone with 5G connectivity will always keep you connected while others manage or strive hard in getting connected.

Other features you could also look into are it’s camera specs, it’s battery life, it’s audio quality among others.

Most times, this features are usually spelt out in the manual, but it’s still recommended you test all the features physically to ensure they tally with what the manufacturer says.

Although, one thing you should note is that the more quality features a phone has, the higher RAM and ROM it tends to use.

And phones with higher RAM and ROM tend to cost more.

So all these are factors you need to consider before buying a phone.

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Phone Cost

This is the final step to take before buying a plane.

Here, you consider the above factors before you can determine what the cost of the phone will be.

Depending on the phone you intend buying, you need to have a budget.

As well as how much you will be willing to part with at most before buying a phone.

As it is from your budget you will be able to decide if you will go for an affordable phone or an expensive phone.

Take for instance, if you are low on funds, a budget phone will be best for you.

But if you are not low on funds, then you may intend going for high-end phones such as the Apple iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S series.

As with any thing, it won’t be advisable buying a costly phone when you are on a budget as the maintenance and accessories costs may be inconvenient for you to pay.

And also it won’t be right buying a budget phone if you are financially buoyant as you might be missing out on some interesting features.

Though it is not always the case as some people who tend to do well financially still go ahead in buying budget or cheap phones probably as an extra or second phone.

But in our opinion, it’s best you buy a phone that will match your class and speak better qualities of you.

Take for instance, as a CEO of a multi-national company, it will be unwise of you buying a budget phone.

The reason is that it might lead to your clients dealing business with you at lower prices especially when they see the kind of phone you use.

Also, as a small time business owner or an employee of a firm, it will be unwise of you buying an expensive phone.

Especially if you are a parent who is struggling to meet ends meet, as it will greatly affect your finances negatively.

Hence, cut your coat according to your size.

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There, you have it. “5 things to do before buying a phone in Nigeria”.

Ensure to follow this guide thoroughly before buying a phone in Nigeria as it will enable you buy the phone which will best suit your needs.

If you do these five things thoroughly before buying a phone, you will surely enjoy buying the phone.

For suggestions, queries or support, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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